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Palace of Versailles Hôtel des Roys, Versailles

The Palace

Visit the Palace of Versailles

A popular holiday destination for kings and queens, the Palace of Versailles is famous all over the world for its architecture and decoration. Its singularity is expressed with pomp and elegance through the Petit Trianon, the Grand Canal or even the gardens and fountains… This sumptuous palace welcomes every year millions of visitors from all over the world to admire the residence of the kings of France.

A short tour of the Palace of Versailles…

The Palace of Versailles is one of the largest castles in the world with nearly 700 pieces organized around the King’s room, in the heart of the palace. During your visit, admire the sumptuous royal apartments richly decorated with gold leaf. Explore the magnificent Gallery of Mirrors, the private apartments, the splendid chapel, the library, the king’s office and the wooden opera where the monarch loved to relax with the comedians. Lully or Moliere were very often welcomed in this high place of artistic creation.
It was at Versailles that the notion of dining room appeared. Thus, during your visit, you will discover many dining rooms under Louis XV. You will admire, besides a beautiful carved decoration, a very valuable tableware of which some pieces were recovered after the revolution. A treasure saved from the looting of 1789 !
The visit to the Hall of Mirrors is without a doubt the highlight of your discovery of Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors was a place of passage, waiting and meeting, frequented by the high dignitaries of the court and the courtiers. A genuine architectural masterpiece, the gallery is adorned with 54 chandeliers and 357 mirrors and an exceptional vault painted by Charles Le Brun.


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The Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors at the Château de Versailles is one of the most visited sites in the world. Created between 1678 and 1684, this large-scale gallery is designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the first architect of King Louis XIV.

A decor to the glory of the Sun King

73 meters long, with 357 mirrors decorating the 17 arcades, the Galerie des Glaces is enhanced by gilded bronze capitals decorated with Rance marble pilasters, magnificent busts of Roman emperors and antiques statues. The ceiling of the gallery was painted by Charles Le Brun, First Painter of King Louis XVI. The vault is decorated with more than 1,000 m² of paintings and composed partly of muffled canvases that illustrate the hours of glory of the reign of Louis XIV.


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The King’s Vegetable Garden

Open to the public, the King’s Vegetable Garden is a remarkable garden classified as a historic monument and inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It covers more than 9 hectares and today houses the École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage. Formed in 1683 by John the Baptist of La Quintinie, the King’s Vegetable Garden was destined to furnish the table of Louis XIV.

Nearly 450 varieties of fruits and vegetables on several hectares drawn with the rule

The gardeners of the King’s Vegetable Garden respect precisely and meticulously the art of cutting in the old style and cultivate many varieties of fruits and vegetables of which some very rare and fallen into oblivion. In total, there are almost 450 fruit varieties and 400 vegetable varieties grown there. In addition to guided tours organized throughout the year, the garden hosts many cultural events (Plastic Dance Flore Festival, Vegetable Taste…). About sixty tons of fruit and vegetables are produced every year and some of the crops are sold in the welcome shop.


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Hotel des Roys - Opera Versailles

The Opera of Versailles

When staying at the hotel, why not attend a show in the majestic setting of the Royal Opera of the Palace of Versailles. Built in the reign of Louis XV in the north wing of the Château, the monument is one of the remarkable elements of the Domaine de Versailles, thanks to its exceptional architecture, its licked decoration and the spectacular dimension of its stage.

A scene still full

Today, there are nearly 80 performances that are regularly scheduled (concert, recital, ballet, opera), the Royal Opera produces the most illustrious artists. From season to season, it seduces the spectators both by the beauty of the places and by the quality of the shows that are proposed.


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The Royal Stables

Discover this place loaded with history built in 1682 by J. Hardouin-Mansart to house the king’s saddle horses for hunting and war. Today, a show and training venue that honors equestrian art, the Grand Écurie du Château de Versailles is home to the famous Equestrian Academy of Versailles and welcomes all squires from all over the world.

Equestrian shows of international renown

Established in 2003 by Bartabas, Esquire, Scenographer and Founder of the Equestrian Show Zingaro, this Academy is a world-renowned ballet company that combines masterfully the high school training and disciplines such as dance, fencing, Singing or the Kyudo (Japanese warrior archery). The « Mornings of Écuyers » offers the spectator the opportunity to discover a work session with the horses.

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Visits informations

The Passport ticket (1 or 2 days) to visit Versailles in complete freedom

The Passport ticket allows you to discover at your own pace the entire estate of Versailles such as the royal apartments, the Châteaux de Trianon and the Marie Antoinette estate or the park and the French gardens.
If you are planning a shorter visit (a few hours or half a day), the Versailles estate offers many rates and offers : free visit of the Château, Trianon Castle, Domaine de Marie Antoinette, gardens…
Good to know : Access to the castle’s rooms, the museum and the Versailles national park is free for all persons under the age of 18 and under-26s residents of the European Union (upon presentation of a proof).

Avoiding lineups and crowds

In order to fully enjoy your discovery of Versailles, it is advisable to visit the Castle from 9am or from 3pm. Outside these hours, you will have to wait for a very important influx especially on weekends and Tuesdays.

Suggestions for one-day tours

Plan a full day at Versailles if you want to discover all the riches of this jewel of French art in the 17th century.


  • 9 am to noon : visit of the gardens and the park
  • 12pm to 3pm : visit of the Châteaux de Trianon and Domaine de Marie-Antoinette
  • From 3.30pm until closing : visit of the Château’s interior

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