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The musée de la toile de Jouy

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The musée de la toile de Jouy

Located in the heart of the Eglantine castle in the Yvelines, the Musée de la toile de Jouy is devoted to the old printed canvas factory founded by Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf in 1759. Used in textile creation, decoration, The Jouy canvas is a printed cotton fabric with pictorial and generally rural motifs. This technique gained its nobility thanks to artists known as the painter Jean-Baptiste Huet – Son of Nicolas Huet, painter of the furniture keeper of King Louis XIV – who worked for a long time for the manufacture of paintings of Jouy.

We can also find printed materials such as wooden boards, copper plates and copper rolls, numerous old engravings and drawings, as well as fine 18th century furniture and various precious objects belonging to Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf. The museum continually enriches its collections with donations from individuals and various acquisitions in public sales.

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