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Madam Elisabeth’s domain

Hôtel des Roys Versailles - Le centre Clairefontaine

Madam Elisabeth’s domain

King Louis XVI gave his 19 year-old younger sister Elisabeth this “country” estate in 1783. She lived there until the French revolution in 1789.

The park bears witness to the beauty of the gardens of the age of enlightenment. Designed by Alexander de La Brière, the king’s architect, it was one of the most beautiful English-style gardens of the period. Purchased in 1997 by the administrative department of Yvelines, it is today a spot much appreciated for relaxation and walks where the past’s history and art, more recent amenities and contemporary sculptures are displayed together harmoniously.

The department has also initiated an ecological approach with beehives, organic vegetable gardens or grassland as eco-pastures. Regular activities are organized there based on the themes of gardening, urban ecology and local heritage.

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